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Arsenal Ladies and SJWs

Isaac Lundall Wednesday, 2 August 2017

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This millenium has seen a rise in grievance and identity politics. Groups of people who imagine themselves to belong to a persecuted group have remarkably successfully promoted their causes by inserting their particular victim narrative into numerous areas, for example, physiology, video games, and tennis commentary. The Arsenal football club is not immune to this.

Alexandra Scott, the captain of the Arsenal Ladies, announced that the Arsenal Ladies team will henceforth been called the Arsenal. One assumes that dropping "Ladies" from the name of Arsenal Ladies is motivated by a desire to afford the Arsenal Ladies the same status as the Arsenal. In reality, the Arsenal Ladies really are a lesser team than the Arsenal, indeed, a lesser team than the Arsenal Academy. It would be suprising if the Arsenal Ladies could do better than lose by 8 clear goals to the Arsenal Academy team.

Elite sports are played by able-bodied young men because able-bodied young men are the best at sports. The best tennis player of all time is not Serena Williams. She is not even among the 100 best tennis players of this time, because those are all men. Similalrly, Alexandra Scott is not the best right back in England. She is not as good as Hector Bellerin. She is not as good as Carl Jenkinson. She is not even as good as Jordi Osei-Tutu.

While elite sports are played exclusively by able-bodied young men, it is nice to pay attention to the disabled, ladies, and the aged when they participate at a high level. This is why competitions like the F.A. Women's Super League, the Special Olympics, and the Senior Open Championship of golf exist. They allow us to celebrate the achievements of people who, because they are disabled, ladies, or aged, cannot compete at the elite level. It is in this spirit that we are proud of the Arsenal Ladies, and their accomplishments at both club and international level.

The official name change suggests that the administration at the Arsenal has been infected by feminist activism. This is unfortunate. The name Arsenal Ladies is not doubleplusungood, and we should continue to use it to refer to the Arsenal Ladies.

P.S. Congratulations to the lads on winning the Emirates Cup.

© 2017, Isaac Lundall