South African Arsenal Fans

Once More into the Breach

Isaac Lundall Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Congratulations are in order for Sydenham's "Mr Liverpool", Craig Gouveia, for winning the third gameweek in our mini-league. He scores ZAR 5 and rockets up to third place overall. Ilhaam Geduld is still comfortably in first place overall, with Yasien Jaffer and Craig Gouveia hot on his heels. The complete standings for the gameweek are as follows:

1 Craig Goveia 72
2 Kent Rousseau 68
3 Kevin Day 66
4 William Souter 65
5 Alex Anderton 63
6 Dean George 62
7 Sachan Minnaar 61
8 Keith Mukhram 58
9 Ilhaam Geduld 55
9 Kariem Hornby 55
11 Jason Kleinsmith 51
11 Errol Rudman 51
13 Unam Bakumeni 50
14 Yasien Jaffer 49
14 Grant Andrews 49
14 Irfaan Allie Jaffer 49
17 Shamiel Soni 48
18 Simbulele Hobana 47
18 Aleszandro Almano 47
20 Paul Petersen 46
20 Kimon Sitas 46
20 Sean Webster 46
23 Miles Froelicher 45
23 Isma'eel Essa 45
23 admire zinamo 45
26 Adrian Laloo 44
26 Cedric De Wet 44
28 Romello Naidoo 43
29 Matt Van Heusden 42
29 Manny Pereira 42
29 James Lundall 42
32 Kent Rousseau 41
33 Blyth Bester 40
34 Kevin van Staden 39
34 Nathan Johnson 39
34 Barry Scharneck 39
34 Thabo Peyi 39
34 Travors James 39
34 Donovan Faria 39
40 Andre Cunningham 38
41 Andre Schwartz 37
41 N K Ncube 37
43 Isaac Lundall 36
43 Timothy George 36
45 Ato Paintsil 35
46 Dale Forbes 34
47 Storm Johnson 31
48 Wessley Van Der Nest 29
49 Chris Whyman 22

The transfer window has finally shut, and there were a couple of sad departures in Kieran Gibbs and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. I feared that the advent of Kolasinac could lead to Gibbs' exit, and it came to pass. We wish him the best at West Bromwich Albion. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's signing for Liverpool is also a big loss. He seems to be finally fulfilling his enormous potential, and it would have been nice for him to continue doing that at the Arsenal. He has left, though, and we need to look to the future. His aggressive, direct style of play will be missed, but on the other hand, his exit allows the emergence of such exciting prospects as Alex Iwobi and Reiss Nelson, who must now step up and fill his shoes.

A pleasing aspect of the transfer window was the refusal of clubs to bow to the whims of star players. Our Alexis Sanchez, Liverpool's Phillipe Coutinho, and Southampton's Virgil Van Dijk were all denied moves away from their clubs. I see this as a positive development because continuity is important to the success of football clubs. We hope that Sanchez performs professionally and to the standard that we have come to expect from him. However, no player is more important than the team, and if he leaves at the end of the season, we will continue without him. Better players than Alexis Sanchez have played for the Arsenal and better players than him will play for the club in the future.

More importantly, we return to action after the international break this week when we host Bournemouth. This is a chance for the lads to put an abysmal start behind us with an imperious victory against a team we historically prosper against, given their positive tactics, and a usually open game. Let's get back on track with a resounding victory.

© 2017, Isaac Lundall